Sgt. Donald FORBES – July 17, 1920

Reg. # 4800, Sgt. Donald FORBES

July 17, 1920, at North Battleford, Saskatchewan                     Age: 33 years

Sgt. FORBES was born in Scotland in 1887 and joined the Royal North West Mounted Police at 21 years of age on 23 NOV 1908 at Regina.  He served at Battleford, Wilkie, Maidstone, Lloydminster, Radisson and Quebec.

Sgt. FORBES married Mabel on 15 SEPT 1914.  They had two children who were 4 & 3 yrs. old at the time of his death.

On 17 JUL 1920, Sgt. FORBES was on duty and called into the office of Insp. SWEETAPPLE in the morning.  He was advised that he was to get a receipt signed and also make arrangements with a revenue officer to confirm the commencement of an investigation.  At noon, Sgt. FORBES asked permission to go to North Battleford to look after the noted matters.  Sgt. FORBES was given permission to take his own horse.  The horse was originally Force owned, Reg. # 397, which was cast and sold to Sgt. FORBES’s brother-in-law in 1919.

Sgt. FORBES completed his tasks in North Battleford and proceeded to return to the town of Battleford.  At approx. 730 PM, while returning to Barracks, he was thrown from his horse, struck his head on a telegraph pole and died instantly.

On 10 FEB 1921, the Minister approved a pension to the widow of Sgt. FORBES until her marriage to a Mr. W.L. KRUGER on 2 JAN 1927.

Sgt. FORBES name is inscribed on a NCO’s plaque erected on the wall of the RCMP Chapel in Regina in 1924

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