Cst. Wayne Norman SINCLAIR – September 17, 1961

Reg. # 20958, Cst. Wayne Norman SINCLAIR

September 17, 1961, near Southey, Saskatchewan

Cst. SINCLAIR was born on July 1, 1937 at Winnipeg, Manitoba to Cecil and Olga Sinclair.  His sibling was a brother, Kenneth.  He was raised in the Winnipeg suburb of St. Vital, attending General Wolfe School in Winnipeg and the Glenlawn Collegiate Institute in St. Vital.


He engaged with the RCMP on April 24,1959 at Winnipeg and posted to N Division, Ottawa, for basic training.  Upon completion of basic training, he was posted to Regina Town Station on February 18, 1960.  He was then transferred to Indian Head, Saskatchewan on December 28, 1960.  On May 1961, he was transferred to the highway patrol at Regina, and four months later he was killed on his motorcycle in a non-collision accident; having served 2 years 147 days in the Force.

Cst. SINCLAIR’s accident seems to be the result of his limited experience on a motorcycle.  Although he had been taken the 52 hour RCMP motorcycle training course, he had limited time on the road.  When he was killed, SINCLAIR was out on the highway for only his fourth motorcycle patrol and at that time had logged a mere 662 miles on his bike.  Evidence at the scene and testimony from one eye witness indicates the young policeman made two fatal mistakes.

It was just after noon on Sunday, September 17, when Cst. SINCLAIR was riding his motorcycle south on Highway #6, 20 miles north of Regina.  He was traveling at approximately 45 miles per hour on a dry, paved road.  The weather was clear and the visibility good.  There were no vehicles coming towards him and no obstructions of any type in the area.  Examination of his motorcycle after the accident revealed it demonstrated no mechanical defects.  Cst. SINCLAIR got into trouble when he came to a slight curve in the highway.  An eye witness said he suddenly disappeared in a cloud of dust, and then somersaulted end-over-end into the ditch.  Evidence at the scene indicated his front tire slipped onto the gravel shoulder of the road and that is when SINCLAIR made his mistake.  Investigators found that his deep 18 inch skid mark indicated that Cst. SINCLAIR hit his brakes too hard, causing the bike to somersault into the ditch.  The constable’s second mistake was that he should have released his grip on the handle bars and let himself be thrown clear of the machine when it began to somersault.  Instead SINCLAIR hung on desperately, allowing the bike to roll over him and crush him on the rocks in the ditch.  Passing motorists, who came to the injured officer’s aid, found him semi-conscious and in a state of shock.  They called an ambulance, but Cst. SINCLAIR died on the way to Regina General Hospital.  The cause of death was recorded as severe internal injuries to the chest.

Cst. SINCLAIR’s remains were returned to his parents in St. Vital, Manitoba.  After his funeral, he was buried with full honours in the St. Vital Cemetery.

(Personnel File reviewed – Photo available)