Cst. Marc Joseph Denis BOURDAGES – July 16, 2006

Reg. # 48100, Cst. Marc Joseph Denis BOURDAGES

July 16, 2006 near   Mildred, Saskatchewan                                  Age: 26 yrs.

Cst. BOURDAGES was born on November 14, 1979 at Montreal, Quebec to Jacques and Yolande Bourdages.    He attended high school at Polyvalente Deux-Montagnes, Quebec and College Ahuntsic in Montreal.  He was involved with Scouts Canada for seven (7) years and volunteered for two (2) years with Deux Montagnes Youth House.  He spent one year in the Montreal Urban Community Police Service as a reservist.  On July 7, 2000, Cst. BOURDAGES attended the Cadet Training Program at the Training Academy at Depot Division as a member of Troop 13 – 2000/2001.  On December 11, 2000, he graduated and was engaged into the Force.  He was transferred to Lac la Biche, Alberta.

On March 26, 2003, Cst. BOURDAGES was transferred to Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan.  On August 23, 2003, he married Cst. Natasha Leanne SZPAKOWSKI.

On March 8, 2005, Cst. BOURDAGES transferred to Spiritwood, Saskatchewan.  On October 3, 2005, their son, Lucan Maurice BOURDAGES, was born.

Cst. BOURDAGES enjoyed hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, quading, playing video games, golfing, football and hockey.  He was a loyal fan of the Montreal Canadiens and the Montreal Alouettes.

On July 7, 2006, Csts. BOURDAGES, CAMERON and KNOPP were working the night shift at the Spiritwood Det.  when a male individual attended the office and aggressively demanded the eviction of his mother and sister from a disputed family residence.  Knowing that the courts had already awarded the residence to the mother and sister, the individual was advised that the police could not be of assistance.  The individual angrily left the detachment yelling vague threats at the members.

A short time later, the mother attended the office and reported that the suspect had assaulted her daughter and the suspect was now blocking the driveway of the residence.  Csts. BOURDAGES, CAMERON and KNOPP attended the residence to apprehend the suspect.  When the members arrived at the residence, Cst. CAMERON approached the vehicle to take the suspect into custody.  The suspect accelerated away from the member, nearly striking her with his vehicle.  Csts. BOURDAGES and CAMERON began to pursue the fleeing suspect in one police vehicle.  Cst. KNOPP followed in another police vehicle.

The pursuit lasted over twelve (12) kms. on farm roads and farm pasture; ending with Cst. BOURDAGES ramming the suspect vehicle and the sudden shooting of both Csts. BOURDAGES and CAMERON by the suspect.

As Cst. KNOPP approached the disabled vehicles, the suspect commenced firing at her, resulting in her receiving shrapnel wounds.  Cst. KNOPP returned the suspect’s fire, checked on the injured members, and was forced to retreat to a safer location.  Throughout this period of time, Cst. KNOPP utilized her police radio to advise members what had occurred and where she was located.

Cst. TENIUK and Aux/Cst. HILDEBRAND were the first members to arrive at the scene.  Cst. TENIUK determined that Cst. KNOPP had been injured and required first aid.  After attending to Cst. KNOPP, Cst. TENIUK requested that A/Cst. HILDEBRAND stand guard while he tactically repositioned his police vehicle and assisted Cst. KNOPP to an awaiting ambulance.  It should be noted that the suspect’s location was unknown and the visibility was extremely limited due to nightfall and the terrain.

A short time later, Sgt. CLARKE, Cpls. FREEMAN, GALLANT, JANES & THOMAS and Csts. EDDY, JOHNSTONE, RICHTER, SCHEUER and TENIUK formed two teams to extract Csts. BOURDAGES and CAMERON.  The first team assisted the fallen members, while the second team guarded the area to protect the members.  Following the successful extraction of Csts. BOURDAGES and CAMERON, the members, although physically and psychologically exhausted, manned roadblocks until the next day.  In the next three (3) days, Operation FENNIC became the largest manhunt undertaken in Saskatchewan, resulting in the successful arrest of the suspect.  Csts. BOURDAGES and CAMERSON were transported to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.  A vigil of troopmates, colleagues and family was maintained at the hospital; however, on July 15, 2006, Cst. CAMERON died.  Shortly afterwards on July 16, 2006, Cst. BOURDAGES also passed away.

On July 25, 2006, a regimental funeral was held for Cst. BOURDAGES at the RCMP Chapel at Depot Division, Regina, Saskatchewan.  The same Chapel that Cst. BOURDAGES and his wife, Natasha, were married.  He has been interred at the RCMP Cemetery in Regina.

On 11 JUL 2008, troop mates met at the RCMP Chapel at Depot Division, Regina and commemorated a bench erected in honour of their troopmate, Cst. BOURDAGES.

At a ceremony in front of the F Division Memorial Wall on August 13, 2008, Cst. BOURDAGES was posthumously awarded the Commissioner’s Commendation for Bravery by Commissioner W.J.S. ELLIOTT for his actions on that fateful day.  The award was accepted on his behalf by his wife, Natasha.

(Service File reviewed and photo)