Commissioner A.B. Perry Bridge

This bridge was erected to commemorate Commissioner Aylesworth Bowen Perry and the long standing relationship between the Royal Regina Golf Club and the Royal Canadian Mounted police.  On March 30, 1911, Commissioner Perry invited the Board of Governors of the Regina Golf Club to re-locate back to the barracks land where they had previously been located from (1901-1905).  The invite was on a temporary basis should the club be forced to move before the end of summer from their location west of Wascana Lake in the Crescents area where the clubhouse was situated on the corner of Retallack Street and 14th Avenue, which they occupied from (1899-1901 & 1906-1910).  On June 17, 1911, the first games were played on the return back to the barracks course which remains the location of the Royal Regina Golf Club today.  Commissioner A. B. Perry is an honoured lifetime member of the Royal Regina Golf Club as we are eternally grateful to him and the RCMP for their generosity.


NOTE:  This bridge is on your left as you enter the property of the Royal Regina Golf Club (est. 1899).