AGM 2020 Troop Reunion Consultant

The AGM 2020 Committee understand there will be troop reunions attending the week-end and as such, Emil Knuth, has volunteered to assist in this area.

The consultant, is just that. Emil will assist you on answering those nagging questions on what is available or able to direct you in the right direction to make your reunion a success.

To contact the Troop Reunion Consultant, please email:

Please note: To attend any of the events of the AGM 2020 you must be a ‘member’ of the RCMP Veterans’ Association and registered with the AGM 2020 Committee Registrar.

Scheduled Events

Local President’s Reception,

Spousal / Partner Wine and Cheese
National President’s Reception

Tours of the RCMP Heritage Centre
‘Depot’ Tours
Luncheon at the RCMP Heritage Centre
and launching of the Pillars of the Force
AGM 2020 Gala Dinner

“Depot” Parade
Church Service
“Depot” Division Mess breakfast

and all transportation to and from airport and events,