January 2017

1st (Sunday) – Happy New Years. Levies at Government House.

3rd (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting 7:30 pm at General Mess.

5th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

13th (Friday) – 59th Annual Game Dinner at Drill Hall

18th (Wednesday) – Cadet Dinner (S/Cst)

19th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner (Emil Knuth and Clay Turner)

26th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner


2nd (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner (John Leitch)

7th (Tuesday)
– Monthly (Dinner) 6:30pm. 7:30pm Meeting at General Mess. Contact Gary Davidson if attending

9th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

22nd (Wednesday) – Cadet Dinner (S/Cst)


7th (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting Annual Shoot at Depot Range

— Our monthly Regina Veteran’s meeting will be held on March 7, 2017 at the Depot Firearms Range starting at 7 PM.  Unfortunately this year there are no “live fire” ranges available for us on that date so the members of the Firearms Training Unit have opted to introduce us to the simulator part of the Cadet Training Program. Needless to say you will be given an opportunity to shoot at simulator targets using an RCMP type pistol which has been retrofitted to fire simulator rounds utilizing laser/computer technology. One of the main advantages of simulator fire is there is no felt recoil, loud bang or any other anxieties associated with live fire. Simulator shooting allows new cadets to focus on their trigger pull and other pistol basics in the early stages of their firearms training before moving on to real live fire. Additionally they are exposed to various “real life” simulator based scenarios where the use of lethal force maybe required.

I request that anyone who is planning on attending the meeting on March 7 email me direct with one of following responses:

– “I am attending the meeting and wish to participate in the simulator shoot”    or      – “I am attending the meeting only”

D.D.  March 1st, 2017

You do not require to bring along any special equipment such as eye or ear protection, etc.

Please email direct at

9th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

16th (Thursday)
– Cadet Dinner

23rd (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner


4th (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting at General Mess 7:30 pm,

6th (Thursday)
– Cadet Dinner

12th (Wednesday) – North Battleford Legion with Saskatoon Vets

20th (Thursday)
– Cadet Dinner

27th (Thursday)
– Cadet Dinner


2nd (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting at General Mess 7:30 pm.

11th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

25th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

29th (Monday)
– U.S. Memorial Day – Plentywood, MT


1st (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

6th (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting at Yorkton Deer Park Golf Club

8th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

11th (Sunday)
– Annual Veterans Church Parade (TBC)

15th (Thursday) – Cadet Dinner

Davidson / Craik Golf Get together

Spring BBQ

Executive Meeting


5th (Tuesday) – Monthly meeting General Mess 730 pm.

10th (17th) (Sunday) – Annual RCMP Memorial Parade, Depot

Veterans Memorial Golf Tournament

24th (Sunday)
– Annual Provincial Police & Peace Officer Memorial Parade – Sask Leg. Building.


3rd (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting General Mess (Dinner) 6:30 pm


7th (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting, Election of Officers for 2018

11th (Tuesday) – Rememberance Day Parade


5th (Tuesday) – Monthly Meeting, ‘At Home’.

7th (Thursday) – Mess Visitations

17th (Sunday)
– Candle Light Dinner

Executive Meeting